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Panorama of Auckland. 1905

       A panorama of Auckland. 1905

Queen's wharf. 1904/5
View from a masthead
Louisa Craig. Auckland waterfront
Freeman's Bay east.
Freeman's Bay east. Watercolour
   Queen's Wharf  1904/5
      A view from a masthead
    Louisa Craig, Auckland
     Freeman's Bay.  Oil
 Freeman's Bay. Watercolour
excursionists2 Britannia  and Clan Macleod
Freeman's Bay east 2. Freeman's Bay east.
  Ferries and excursionists.
    Ferries and excursionists 2.
  Clan Macleod and Britannia.
   Freeman's Bay west.
   Freeman's Bay west 2.
View from rigging
Inner Queen's Wharf
Queen' Wharf, Aucland Waterfront with Harbour Board Building
Mullet boat and waterfront
     View from Rigging*
      Inner Queen's Wharf
    Queen's Wharf, 1905 Scene with Harbour Board Building
     Mullet boat heading in.
North Shore ferries
Clan Macleod Owhiti
Drying sails Scow Gannet
   North Shore Ferry Terminal.
 Clan Macleod and Roller Mills.
    Owhiti and Ferry Building.
  Queen's Wharf. Drying sails.
       The scow Gannet
Scow Caed Mille Failte
Auckland waterfront 1910 Looking East from Queen's Wharf

        Discharging kauri.
       Aratapu drying sails.
 Auckland waterfront, circa 1910  Looking east from Queen's Wharf.