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Scroll down for thumbnails for some of the prints available.

Prints of  of the paintings displayed below and many others in the gallery are available on request. 
Reproductions of these can be made in sizes up to a width of 750mm. These are one off reproductions which have an advantage in that you can choose the size but are more costly than reproductions from a large print run.

All, both oil and water colour can be reproduced on paper.  Watercolour paintings are best reproduced on paper only. All reproductions on paper will have a broad white border.  Oil paintings can be reproduced on a simulated canvas leaving enough edge to wrap around a stretcher.

Archival materials are used both in inks, paper and canvas.
  Watercolour reproductions will be on high quality paper. 
Payment can be made by Paypal. For overseas orders by other than Paypal there is a transaction cost of $15NZ This is to cover all fees incurred in clearing cheques and other banking fees.  Blame the banks ...  not me!

Costing is based on image sizes and as the paintings have varying width to height ratios it is not practicable to price every painting and available size.
If you contact me and let me know the width and, if the original is an oil painting, whether you would like the print on canvas, I will get back to you quickly with a cost. Shipping will not be included in the price.

The images for some of these prints have been produced by the professional photographer Paul Gilbert. The reproductions will be checked by me and will be as near to the original as can be achieved.

*Paul Gilbert's Website:

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James Craig Sydney Heads
     Monowai and the rescue of the Ramtha crew.
       James Craig leaving Sydney
        Yawl Katrine, H.M.S.Worcester and Dolious
Louisa craig. Northern Wairoa Cutty Sark in Formosa Straight
                Hazel Craig
       Louisa Craig on the Northern Wairoa.
       Cutty Sark in the Formosa Straight.
Pamir running
                        in heavy seas James Craig in the Forveux Strait
Archibald Russel ... Doldrums
         Pamir running in heavy seas.
       James Craig in the Foveaux Straight
     Archibald Russell becalmed.
Pahi regatta James Craig towing out Auckland looking east from masthead 1904
       Regatta at Piha. circa 1905
          Clan Macleod departing Auckland.
          Auckland 1904 looking east.
Maori Duchess of Argyle
   Arrival of the "Maori". Lyttleton.
      The Duchess of Argyle and the Jane Gifford.          Arrival Auckland 1842
              Slipways, Auckland.
North Shore Ferries. Auckland
Louisa Craig. Auckland waterfront
          "Margorie Craig".
      North Shore Ferry Terminal
         "Louisa Craig".
Scow Gannet and
                        Auckland waterfront
Drying sails.
Vessels and
                        Harbour Board Building
       "Gannet". Auckland waterfront.
           Drying sails.
       Vessels and Harbour Board Building
          Rendezvous at Mahurangi. 2009.
      H.M.S.Tortoise at Tairua
      H.M.S.Tortoise at Waiheke
                H.M.S. Coromandel