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Rangitata.  Anniversary Day, Auckland
M.V.Rangitata at anchor and dressed for an Auckland Anniversary Day.
Oil on canvas (1000 x 700)mm

This 16,737 ton diesel passenger-cargo ship was built in 1929, along with its sisters Rangitane and Rangitiki.  The Rangitane was lost in WWII but the Rangitata and Rangitiki continued to serve New Zealand under the British owned New Zealand Shipping Company until 1962 when they were scrapped.

The picture depicts here at anchor during an Anniversary Day.  Now I do not know if she ever lay out in the Waitemata on any Anniversary Day but it makes for a good setting with the pilot boat going out to her and the classic yacht Prize off to the left.  Anniversary Day in Auckland takes place in the last weekend of January every year and has always been a day for regatta and yacht racing.